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Check out AMSOIL's collection of testimonials and case studies and find out why more and more people and businesses are switching to the First in Synthetics. 

Fire Department Counts on AMSOIL for Performance, Savings

Direct Jobber Craig Hamrick of Macomb, Ill. has been a firefighter in charge of fleet maintenance for 23 years.

The fire department is a commercial account of Dealer Glenn Mike Arnold, Hamrick's sponsor. "We have used AMSOIL lubricants since 2003 in the fleet," Hamrick said. The department has 11 vehicles and numerous small engines and generators, all running with AMSOIL products. "Glenn's knowledge of AMSOIL products has helped us select the right products for our needs. Every vehicle in our fleet has AMSOIL installed from front to back."

Police Department Cuts Costs With AMSOIL Products

The Jourdanton, Texas Police Department saves time and money with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and Ea Oil Filters. "After researching and seeing the cost benefits of extended service intervals, the department switched its vehicles to AMSOIL motor oil, not only for the financial savings, but for the reduction of time officers had to spend out of service with their vehicles getting oil changes," said Chief of Police Eric Kaiser. "As a public agency this results in savings to our taxpayers."


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