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Premium Protection for Marine Applications


AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluiddelivers reserve protection for heavily loaded, high-torque gears. It cools critical components and resists the effects of extreme heat to deliver reliable protection in severe service. Its synthetic technology remains fluid in cold weather. It is recommended for use in ATV and UTV transmissions and differentials, including those made by Polaris®, Honda®, Yamaha®, Kawasaki®, Can-Am® and Suzuki®.

Utility ATV and UTV

Your ATV or UTV is an invaluable tool necessary to get the job done around your property or in the field. AMSOIL synthetic ATV/UTV lubricants guard againstextreme heat and stress from severe-duty towing and hauling to help ensure your machine is protected no matter how hard you work it.

Tackling demanding chores or conquering tough terrain takes its toll. Accessories and upgrades – a winch, a plow, roof and door panels, skid plates – enhance functionality, but increase harmful heat and stress. AMSOIL synthetic ATV/UTV lubricants are purpose-built to help you safely and confidently push your machine to the limit and get the job done. They deliver upgraded performance compared to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lubricants.

Sport ATV and UTV

Pushing your machine to the limit increases harmful engine heat and stress. AMSOIL synthetic ATV/UTV lubricants protect against heat and deliver confidence in clutch feel to help you stay out in front of your buddies on the trail.

The adrenaline rush from conquering tough terrain or passing your buddies on the trail is tough to beat. AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil provides reserve protection against extreme heat and superior wear protection in severe riding conditions. Its excellent wet-clutch performance delivers confidence in clutch feel to help you get out front and stay there without fear of pushing your machine too far.

AMSOIL Warranty

AMSOIL guarantees the performance of its products, so you can be confident they perform as advertised. AMSOIL introduced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil and has since introduced a full line of industry firsts. For more than 40 years, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have proven themselves in the lab, on the racetrack and on the highway.
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